Quickfit TL5
"Full Metal Jacket"

Titus' latest all-steel high-performance dowel.

Quickfit TL5
For Different Types of Wood

Equally efficient in chipboard, MDF and solid wood.

Quickfit TL5
Perfectly reliable in 5mm holes

Thanks to tool-free Expando technology, the dowel works consistently also in smaller holes, increasing the range of possible applications.


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Titus' dowels have long been famous for the ease and speed they bring to furniture assembly. With Quickfit TL5 "Full Metal Jacket" we went a step further and created a dowel that provides a rigid joint in chipboard, MDF and solid wood, thanks to its innovative expanding sleeve. It is our fastest, most versatile and reliable dowel yet. It is extremely easy to use, even more so if factory pre-inserted. Don't have the machine for it? We can provide that, too.


Effective in Different Wooden Materials

What if one dowel could work reliably in more than just one type of wood?


With Quickfit TL5 you get just that: a dowel that is equally efficient in the three most commonly wooden materials used in furniture production: MDF, chipboard and solid wood.


Say goodbye to wooden dowels!

Strong and Reliable Joint

The expanding sleeve assures high resistance to torsion and dowel pull-out. This is crucial in building rigid cabinets that won't loosen with use.


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High Drilling Tolerances

With an edge-to-hole (ETHC) tolerance of min +/-1mm, Quickfit TL5 creates a fully tightened joint even in case of inaccurate drillings or distortions and other changes occurring naturally in wood. 


Drilling tolerances

Factory Pre-insertion for a 50% Faster Home Assembly 

Quickfit TL5 comes with the possibility of factory pre-insertion to make home assembly even easier. When edge-inserted, the dowel engages the cam and remains securely positioned until the boards are locked together. Cabinet assembly becomes a simple two-step place-and-fix procedure. 


The insertion process can be automated with our Lama FastFit machine.


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